Our vineyards are located in 11 municipalities and cover 200 hectares of land from Tassarolo to Bosio, through gentle hills on the top of which reigns the fort of Gavi. The vineyards owned by our Cantina have different soils, different sunlight and wind exposure, but they receive the same attention and dedication from each associate.

This is the reason why it’s easy to see secular plants in our vineyards and why most of the harvest is widely done by hand. “Working on a vineyard is not like working in a factory. There are periods the farmer has to work harder, but then there are years when the land repays you for all the daily dedication received.”


In the town of Gavi and the highest hills the soil is white because of the tuff’ s disintegration. They are poor soils where the plants suffer but the few grapes that can be picked become more scented and for this reason more precious. In the other parts of the territory,

especially in the lower hills, the soil has an alluvial origin, eroded, reshaped by the river Lemme and redeposited in a non-marine setting. These soils are rich in minerals, organic matter, metal oxides that help the trees flourishing.